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Our help to the poor and under-privileged takes many forms, i.e. cash assistance, food, clothing, furniture, holidays, outings, entertainment, fuel, gas and electricity.  Last year, we expended over £2.86 million on the relief of poverty in the Northern Region.

We also carry out hospital and prison visitation: we visit senior citizen residential homes: we have special Conferences to look after prisoners and their dependants: but our main work is visiting the poor and marginalised in their homes.  Over 2,000 persons are visited on a weekly basis.

The Northern Regional Office is based at 196-200 Antrim Road, Belfast.  The central administration is carried out from here for our 180 branches throughout the region.  In Northern Ireland, there are 1,627 members (all voluntary) who give an average of 6 hours per week of their spare time.