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I have been homeless and know what it’s like to keep moving because you have no where to stop, no where to go and no one where to rest your head.

I have been engaging in walks to bring attention to organisations, like SVP for some time. I am aware that SVP has been providing so many services to so many people in our communities - many of whom have fallen through the cracks.

My walks and my TV Show are used inspire people to make a difference to people's lives.  My mission it to simply remind people that many wonderful organisations constantly need support and donations to further their good works. I invite people to walk with me, we connect, and then we give. Just last week I walked 48-miles for 24-hours straight  

My goal, along with the help and desire of many people I know in the community is to put on many events in the community to raise awareness and interest of current social issues and to raise money for SVP while giving many people in the community a chance to have fun and feel included as we all play a more active part in helping SVP continue what you do.


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Walk for homeless awareness

Date: 19 November 2017

Homeless people don’t have a place to sleep so I walked 24 hours last week and plan to walk several miles this week to support the cause