Thank You

Thank you for setting up a monthly gift to SVP

Watch this special video for you and see the true Christmas spirit you have helped to create at SVP House.

This winter, families who are struggling to make ends meet, will have to turn to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.
For them, your support at this hardest time of year, means more than you can know.
It’s food in the cupboard. Fuel in the fire. It’s a present under a tree and the relief on a mother’s face. It’s the hand of friendship extended by a volunteer, on your behalf.
Without you, without what you do, the sacrifices you make to donate and to support us, there would be no St. Vincent de Paul. There would be no help at Christmas for families who need it. No true Christmas spirit.
Thank you again for this act of kindness, and Happy Christmas to you and yours.


Kieran Stafford,
National President
Society of Saint Vincent de Paul


If your monthly pledge was made in memory and you would like to receive a special in memory card in the post, then please click here.

For any other queries in relation to your monthly pledge, please email or call the National Office on 01 884 8200.