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Tax effective giving

Managing money

SVP can claim thousands of Euro every year thanks to tax-effective giving.  This is a straightforward and simple process, which allows your donation to go even further and us to get the most out of your gift.

Changes to Tax Effective Giving came into effect from 1st of January 2013. 

The main points of change:

Any tax payer, either PAYE or Self Assessed who donates €250 or more in a year to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul can:

  • Fill out a form and allow the Charity to reclaim tax on their donations
  • Since January 2013, higher and standard rate of tax no longer applies. There is now a composite rate of 31%
  • A donation of €250,is actually worth €362.32 to SVP

If you are a PAYE taxpayer or Self Assessed taxpayer please take a few minutes to download and fill out the form below. Please note that this form is an Enduring Certificate, which will last for five year years from the date of signature.  This form will cover any future donations that you may make to SVP, up to and including 2018.

After you complete your form, simply send it to freepost:

Society of St. Vincent de Paul
National Office – SVP House,
Freepost DN 1096,
91-92 Sean MacDermott Street,
Dublin 1.

Corporate Donor

If a company makes a donation of €250 to SVP, the company can claim a deduction for the donation as if it were a trading expense. The company benefits from the tax relief.

Where can I find out more?

For more information or to discuss these points further, please email or call (01) 8386990