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Christmas Comes Early for SVP & ALONE as ESB launches €1 Million Winter Charity Programme

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The ESB have just announced its ESB Electric Ireland €1 million Winter Charity Programme to support two important Irish charities – Saint Vincent de Paul and ALONE.

ESB has a long tradition of working with St Vincent de Paul and will support them with a significant cash donation before Christmas and a special promotion in 2012 that will continue to raise funds for the charity. 

ESB is also supporting ALONE in a very meaningful way. Through its Electric Ireland Energy Services business, the company will carry out energy efficiency retrofit work on ALONE properties and donate additional funds to the charity to support its fuel affordability programme.

ESB Chief Executive Pat O Doherty said; “In view of the current economic climate and the hardships that many people across the country are facing, we are delighted to provide the ESB Electric Ireland €1 million fund to support those most in need”.

Pictured at ESB Electric announcement are left to right; Sean Moynihan, CEO, ALONE,  Pat O'Doherty,  CEO, ESB and Mairead Bushnell, National President, Society of St. Vincent de Paul.

Read full press release here