Annual Budget Submissions and Government Strategies

We regularly submit our policy recommendations to Government, based on the experience of meeting and assisting people in their homes, or through our services.

Every year we submit to relevant Government Departments on policies we want to see in the next annual budget. Social welfare, education and employment, energy, health and housing are regular budget issues for us.

We also respond to other consultations, from National Development Plans to Active Citizenship to International Aid.  

Publications & Submissions

SVP Pre-Budget Submission 2018 - "Bridging the Gap"
Published 13 Jun 2017 | PDF | 621.75 KB
SVP Review of Competition in the Electricity and Gas Retail Markets
Published 05 May 2017 | PDF | 224.29 KB
SVP Response to the Draft National Mitigation Plan March 2017
Published 27 Apr 2017 | PDF | 335.69 KB
SVP Submission on the National Reform Programme March 2017
Published 19 Mar 2017 | PDF | 485.36 KB
Pre-Budget Submission 2017: "Building an Equal Nation"
Published 14 Jun 2016 | PDF | 834.14 KB

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