Adequate Incomes

Poverty is not inevitable. Social welfare payments and supports, tax measures and wages can all be designed and delivered in ways that improve the incomes and prospects of people and families by assisting people to take-up and retentain employment.

These submissions relate to key policy issues around living incomes in and out of work and access to affordable credit

Latest Issue

SVP Submission on Working Family Payment 2017
SVP welcome the opportunity to make a submission to the Department of Social Protection on the proposed Working Family Payment. We highlight that well-designed in-work income supports, when delivered in conjunction with measures to tackle childcare and housing costs, are essential for making work pay for low income families. We recommend that such supports should be structured in a way that improves the living standards of all family compositions and facilitates progression to higher paid employment.
Published 09 Mar 2017 | PDF | 462.59 KB
SVP Submission on Working Family Payment 2017
Published 09 Mar 2017 | PDF | 462.59 KB
SVP Submission on DSP Statement of Strategy 2016-2019
Published 25 Aug 2016 | PDF | 73.4 KB
Submission on Review of Maximum Rent Supplement Limits
Published 01 Aug 2014 | PDF | 87.43 KB
Submission to DSP on Fraud and Control Strategy
Published 12 Mar 2014 | PDF | 223.45 KB
SVP Submission on Supplementary Welfare Allowance - Review of Maximum Rent Suppliments
Published 05 May 2013 | PDF | 126.71 KB