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SVP Submission on the National Reform Programme March 2017
SVP welcomes the opportunity to submit input on the National Reform Programme to the Department of the Taoiseach. This submission is SVP’s response to the policy issues raised in the Irish Country Report. We outline our priorities to the Irish government which we hope will inform the content of the Irish National Reform Programme for the European Commission. SVP will continue to lobby Government to make appropriate choices to invest in quality public services which will result in better outcomes for its citizens.
Published 19 Mar 2017 | PDF | 485.36 KB
SVP Submission on Property Tax
Published 05 Mar 2012 | PDF | 218.17 KB
SVP Submission on Personal Insolvency Bill
Published 01 Mar 2012 | PDF | 151.27 KB
SVP Submission on National Payments Plan Central Bank of Ireland
Published 01 Feb 2012 | PDF | 213.51 KB
SVP submission on Preventing Homelessness: Changing Section 10 of the Housing Act (1988)
Published 06 Jan 2012 | PDF | 157.24 KB
SVP Submission on SOLAS
Published 06 Jan 2012 | PDF | 92.79 KB