Magic Moments

Noreen O’ Sullivan

"For twenty-six years I’ve been coming here and I’m friends with everyone here. You meet them all. It is a reunion, we meet the same people every year and you’re welcomed here you know and the peace and quiet, even the rabbits come out to meet you when you come in. It’s lovely."

"Well one thing is I look forward to it every year, from one year to the other and for the odd breaks that we have but its heaven on earth, that’s it, heaven on earth."


Carmel Wakefield

"I think people return to Kerdiffstown House every year because they meet so many friends. Now okay, you might lose one or two over the years but you’ll always meet new ones. The staff is lovely. We’ve been very lucky with the crowd that we come down with; it’s the same staff all the time. So we’ve gotten to know them personally, they would do anything for you, and like, everything about the house is lovely. They bring you down here. I think a lot of people get more enjoyment down here than they do anywhere else, let’s put it that way. You have people going off foreign and spending hundreds; we don’t and we have a better holiday than they have......"(Laughs)

"The experience I get when I come down here is peace. I mean as soon as you come in the gate, leave all your worries behind you, okay you collect them on the way out, but that’s nothing, everybody has that. But you leave everything behind you and you come in here and you have a beautiful house, you can walk around where you like, you meet loads of people, you have your breakfast dinner and tea. The food/meals are beautiful, you have entertainment on at night time, and you have entertainment during the day, what more can you ask for? You know, I enjoy that and I do my own little thing during the day and that but I get an awful lot of inner peace from being down here".


Our beautiful centre dates back to the 15th Century & is set on a 30-acre estate of fine Kildare park-land just 20kms from Dublin, outside the historical town of Naas. Find our contact details & where we are located.


Charting the story of the House, the estate, the Kerdiff family, subsequent owners, the Dominicans right through to SVP involvement.


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