School Conferences

An SVP Youth Conference gives students the opportunity to help improve the lives of people in local communities

A Youth Conference is a group of volunteers that meet regularly and plan projects and volunteering to give back to their communities. Each Conference elect their own President and other officers - Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer - but they also need the support of an adult, a “Youth Conference Coordinator” (YCC). This can be a teacher, chaplain or adult volunteer.

To set up a Youth Conference you need to:

  • Find a Youth Conference Co-ordinator - this can be a teacher, chaplain, youth leader, SVP member, or other appropriate adult to act as a mentor and coordinator for you Conference
  • Contact a member of the Youth Development team. They can advise and support you in getting your Conference up and running
  • Elect a Conference President and Conference Officers within your group.

To find more information about Youth Conferences and how to start one, please download our Conference manual or conatct one of our team.