Young SVP Project

Inspiring young people to understand and take action on social justice issues in their local area

The Young SVP project is a school based program, which aims to inspire young people to understand and take action on social justice in their local area. It’s about providing students with the opportunity to help other people in their community in practical ways, ways that make a difference to the lives of the many people who experience isolation, loneliness or poverty in Ireland today.  Young SVP can be incorporated into the Transition Year Programme as part of the school year.

Groups develop projects that focus on a wide range of issues including; working with the elderly, with people with disabilities, and children at  women's refuges. In recent years students have worked on issues including bullying, addiction, a youth forum, fundraising, and many more.

Participating groups are invited to a regional Young SVP event, which is held annually towards the end of the school year.  This is an opportunity for students to gather together to celebrate and present their social justice projects. It is a wonderful chance for like-minded students from around the region to share their views, hopes and concerns for their communities.

Young people have a lot to offer SVP in developing new solutions to the problems in an ever-changing society. Young SVP is an extremely valuable tool in helping to identify those solutions and also in helping to develop a social conscience within our student population.

If you are interested in finding out more about Young SVP, or becoming involved, please contact a member of the Youth Development Team.