A women with a Girl

Church of the Resurrection Appeal 2023

A women with a Girl
31 October, 2023

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25 December 2023

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In the area covered by the Church of the Resurrection Conference, we have many families struggling to make ends meet. Every day parents are facing difficult choices, not only around food, fuel and clothing costs but also about restricting and even cutting out activities previously enjoyed by their children.

The situation is particularly difficult for refugee and asylum seeking families, who are trying to make their homes and a better life amongst us without the support network of wider family and friends. The money you provide to SVP is essential in continuing the fight against poverty here in North Belfast. Each donation, no matter how small, goes right to those who need it most and makes a real difference in these homes.

This winter looks like being very difficult, with high energy costs and rising food prices. We are already seeing an increase in the demand for help and expect this trend to continue. We can only hope to meet this demand through your generosity. Please help by donating to the Church of the Resurrection appeal.

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