Salthill SVP Annual Appeal 2023

SVP Ireland
1 November, 2023

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Date and time

25 December 2023

12:00 am

The summary

No one plans to become suddenly ill and be unable to work.
No one expects a sudden high expence like broken boiler , brokendown car,that they simply can,t meet.
No one plans the breakdown of a family unit and the financial fall out that can ensue, usuall to the woman and children.
Yet life is often made up of a series of these challenges.
What to do ?
Where to go ?
Who to turn to?
We The SVP are right here in the community, easily accessible, and ready to give discrete help.
Our help would not be possible without the generosity of our Doners.
Please continue supporting us to support others.
Please donate to our Annual Christmas appeal.

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