St Brigid's Clara Appeal

Mariana Emy
7 November, 2022

The summary

Clara has very active shop and visitation conferences. The dedication and hardworking volunteers in the shop have made it a well known destination in the community for a bargain and a friendly chat. Funds raised in the shop facilitate the visitation conference to support families and individuals in Clara and the surrounding areas who are experiencing poverty and social injustice by providing food, fuel and educational assistance among other supports. Clara SVP is keenly interested in working with families and schools in Clara to support students to achieve academic potential. SVP volunteers regularly liaise with school staff and relevant stakeholders to provide supports to families and students with educational assistance.

Funds raised will be used directly in Clara to support people who may be struggling financially. Funds will be used to lessen food and fuel poverty and also to support children, young people and adults to achieve their educational potential

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