St Finacue's Conference Mitchelstown Appeal

4 November, 2022

The summary

Today in Michelstown, for too many people, it can still just take one small problem to tip someone into crisis and poverty. It can be an unexpected illness or unexpected bills. But we know that a little help at the right time can stop a domino effect leading to a family experiencing prolonged hardship.

There are 13 members in our Conference. Our activities include visiting people in their homes and meeting those in need at our centre, 5 days a week. Our area spans within a 10 mile radius of Mitchelstown, taking in all the surrounding villages and townlands. We are also involved in social housing. Our Charity Shop and Furniture provides excellent value.

Many of you regularly support our work. Without this help, we simply would not be able to support those struggling.

This Christmas please support the St Finacue's Conference Mitchelstown Appeal

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