St Marthas Foodbank Appeal 2022

Mariana Emy
7 November, 2022

The summary

With the increased cost of heating, rent and so forth, something has to give and that is invariably food, also going up in price! SVP St Martha’s, founded in 2017, has grown from helping 70 to 430 households weekly, with foodbanks in Nelson St, Sheriff St, East Wall, Pearse St and Ringsend. We augment SVP’s traditional role, of home visitation. We provide long-life food, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit (in season), bakery and (always) treats. We are all volunteers, over 80 each week.

Christmas happens once a year, a vacuum for those separated from family / friends; those surrounded by partying and shopping. Rent, heating bills, education … doesn’t every household deserve a break at Christmas? To know that someone remembered you, wanted you to have a celebration, with what you might not have bought yourself, or to share that present with neighbours.

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