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Every year the Rotary Club arranges our Remembrance Tree collection in Dundrum Shopping Centre.

All proceeds go to the SVP.

This year we will not be present in Dundrum . But we would like to provide the public with an opportunity to support the Remembrance Tree Project and donate to the SVP Ireland on line.

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Remembrance Tree Dundrum Town Centre

Date: 17 December 2020

Each year The Rotary Club of Dublin arranges a collection to assist the work of the SVP by providing the shoppers at Dundrum Town Centre with an opportunity to donate. The club erects a remembrance tree and the shoppers in the centre can write a name on a tag to hang on the tree. The tag would have the name of a person to be remembered at Christmas. The public then can make a donation. This year we cannot be physically there. So, we are planning to promote an online donation campaign this year at Dundrum Shopping Centre.