Thank You

Thank you so much for your monthly gift to help struggling families


Thank you so much for your donation to SVP


This mother couldn't wait for Christmas to pass. She hoped that next year would be brighter, but the days were difficult and dark.

It’s just 2 weeks before Christmas day, and there are no presents under the tree, the cupboards are bare. 
When all seems lost, there’s a knock on the door. It’s an SVP Volunteer, who hands her a couple of vouchers, discreetly and with some warm words. 

You have helped alleviate the worry and strain families are experiencing across the country. 
Now, this mother can’t wait for Christmas day to arrive, to see the joy on her child’s face as she opens a present beside the fire.

The value of your help is truly immeasurable and has the power to change the course of a life. 
Your generous gift will make sure families in need can share some of the magic of Christmas. 

Your help will support them, this winter and beyond, in a practical and meaningful way. 

For your kindness and love, thank you. 

If you have any queries about your gift please email or call us at the National Office on (01) 8848200.

Thank you again for your love and support,

Rose McGowan.jpg

Rose McGowan,
National President
Society of Saint Vincent de Paul