Adequate incomes

SVP believes that poverty is not inevitable and that there are ways to ensure that policies can be implemented to tackle income poverty.

This includes issues to do with Child and family poverty, fuel and energy poverty and the cost of food. You can use this area to give more information on the submission.

Latest Issue

SVP Reponses to the Review of the Consumer Protection Code for Licence Moneylenders
SVP has continually expressed concern about the prevalence of high-cost borrowing from licenced moneylenders among the people they assist, many of whom vulnerable and trying to cope on a limited weekly income. Given the vulnerable and stressful situations, people are faced with, the proportionately large amounts of credit available, and interest rates up to and over 200% are therefore predatory and exploitative. We, therefore, welcome the opportunity to respond to the proposed enhanced protection measures outlined in the Review of the Consumer Protection Code for Licensed Moneylenders. 
Published 02 Jul 2018 | PDF | 458.27 KB