Affording Utilities

Our expenditure on fuel and energy increased by almost 200% between 2008 and 2012.

The cost of energy has increased significantly in recent years, impacting on the budgets of many people we help. The introduction of water charges are an additional challenge for cash-strapped households.

Latest Issue

SVP Submission on Carbon Tax
SVP welcome the opportunity to respond to the consultation on the options for the use of revenues raised from increases in carbon tax. In this submission we outline our experiences of supporting those living in energy poor homes and consider the impact of further increases in the carbon tax on the households’ SVP assist. The submission also sets out policy options that would alleviate energy poverty and help meet our climate change mitigation targets.
Published 28 Jun 2019 | PDF | 424.65 KB
SVP Submission on Carbon Tax
Published 28 Jun 2019 | PDF | 424.65 KB
Exessive use water charges submission to CRU
Published 24 Apr 2019 | PDF | 234.95 KB
Debt Flagging Review (Commission for Regulation of Utilities)
Published 05 Feb 2019 | PDF | 304.29 KB
SVP Submission to NECP 2021-2030
Published 16 Nov 2018 | PDF | 497.57 KB
SVP Submission to the Commission for Energy Regulation on Public Service Obligation Levy June 2018
Published 28 Jun 2018 | PDF | 291.39 KB