Poverty in Ireland

The reason we exist is to fight poverty across Ireland in all its forms.

Our social Justice work is about tackling the structures; the root causes of social exclusion. Debt and household budgeting continue to be major issues for many people we help. More appropriate and responsible financial services is part of the solution. Child Poverty remains a scourge that we work with other NGOs to eradicate, and addressing family poverty is key. To better understand poverty we commission research and we also comment on and feed into research into all aspects of poverty. 

SVP Submission on the new National Action Plan for Social Inclusion
Published 16 Mar 2018 | PDF | 533.03 KB
SVP Submission to the Low Pay Commission
Published 09 Feb 2018 | PDF | 490.66 KB
Submission on Actions to Achieve the Child Poverty Reduction Target
Published 21 Jul 2017 | PDF | 1.38 MB
SVP Submission on Debt Management Firms
Published 13 Feb 2014 | PDF | 245.39 KB
SVP submission to Central Bank on the Money Lending Industry
Published 22 May 2013 | PDF | 510.74 KB