Affording Utilities

SVP is advocating for adequate supports to be put in place to ensure access to affordable water and energy for poor and low income families and individuals.

These submissions relate to key polcies regarding energy and water affordability and access.

Latest Issue

SVP Submission to the Commission for Energy Regulation on Public Service Obligation Levy June 2018
The proposed PSO levy for 2018/2019 is €258.6 million, representing a 45% decrease on the 2017/18 levy. This proposed decrease is welcome given the trend in the levy over recent years, with the PSO levy having increased by more than 231% over the last five years. The percentage allocation however, of total PSO levy to Domestic Customers is proposed to increase, and the year on year increase in subsidy to renewables continues. SVP reemphasises our call for policymakers to look at spreading the burden of risk more evenly between electricity customers and renewable energy producers, and calls for a review of the application of the PSO to low income and struggling energy customers.
Published 28 Jun 2018 | PDF | 291.39 KB