Affording Utilities

SVP is advocating for adequate supports to be put in place to ensure access to affordable water and energy for poor and low income families and individuals.

These submissions relate to key polcies regarding energy and water affordability and access.

Latest Issue

SVP Submission on Carbon Tax
SVP welcome the opportunity to respond to the consultation on the options for the use of revenues raised from increases in carbon tax. In this submission we outline our experiences of supporting those living in energy poor homes and consider the impact of further increases in the carbon tax on the households’ SVP assist. The submission also sets out policy options that would alleviate energy poverty and help meet our climate change mitigation targets.
Published 28 Jun 2019 | PDF | 424.65 KB
SVP Submission to CER on National Smart Metering Programme Call for Evidence on Costs & Benefits
Published 30 Mar 2017 | PDF | 140.17 KB
NSMP EaP Customers SVP Submission
Published 08 Feb 2016 | PDF | 93.89 KB
Policy Links - Energy Poverty
Published 25 Feb 2015 | PDF | 782.63 KB
Minimum Household Energy Need - VPSJ Research report
Published 09 Dec 2014 | PDF | 656.56 KB
Minimum Household Energy Need - Executive Summary
Published 09 Dec 2014 | PDF | 263.41 KB