Annual Budget and Government Strategies

We regularly submit our policy recommendations to Government, based on the experience of meeting and assisting people in their homes, or through our services.

These Submissions relate to annual budget, social welfare, education & employment, energy, health, and housing 

Latest Issue

Pre-Budget Submission 2019: Paving a Pathway out of Poverty
The SVP’s ‘Paving a Pathway out of Poverty’ contains 35 practical proposals which SVP describes as incremental steps, that if implemented, would have a positive impact and help pave a way out of poverty for hundreds of thousands of people.
The Society says that Budget 2019 needs to reflect a real commitment to tackling poverty in all its forms and requires:
An integrated, whole of government approach to budgetary decisions.
Ensuring all public expenditure is evaluated against the impact it has in reducing poverty
Prioritising investment in services and supports over tax cuts.
Published 12 Jun 2018 | PDF | 1.15 MB
SVP Analysis of Budget 2013
Published 05 Dec 2012 | PDF | 147.46 KB
SVP Response to the Review of the White Paper on Irish Aid
Published 05 Apr 2012 | PDF | 97.51 KB