Poverty In Ireland

Debt and household budgeting continue to be major issues for many people we help. Child Poverty remains a scourge that we work with other NGOs to eradicate.

To better understand poverty we commission research and we also comment on and feed into research into all aspects of poverty.

Latest Issue

SVP Submission on Human Rights Oct 2015

A human rights-based approach to poverty reduction views poverty as a denial of human rights as it curtails human freedom, undermines human dignity and also infers some level of negative discrimination. The two most pressing issues in Irish Society, posing some of the biggest challenges to the Irish social policy system and to peoples’ social rights from an SVP perspective, are housing affordability, waiting lists and homelessness, and secondly the enduring scandal of child poverty.


Published 28 Oct 2015 | PDF | 1.19 MB
SVP Submission on Human Rights Oct 2015
Published 28 Oct 2015 | PDF | 1.19 MB
SVP Submission on Debt Management Firms
Published 13 Feb 2014 | PDF | 245.39 KB
SVP submission to Central Bank on the Money Lending Industry
Published 22 May 2013 | PDF | 510.74 KB
SVP Submission on Personal Insolvency Bill
Published 01 Mar 2012 | PDF | 151.27 KB
SVP Submission on National Payments Plan Central Bank of Ireland
Published 01 Feb 2012 | PDF | 213.51 KB