Giving Tree guidelines

Some guidelines and information to help you with your Giving Tree.

Participate in the Giving Tree Appeal and help spread Christmas cheer and excitement, through the gift of surprise! Even the smallest of gifts that are sometimes taken for granted are most welcome.

How it works

  1. We provide your company, school or group with posters and tags for the ‘Giving Tree’. Each tag lists a person and age group (e.g. Girl 4-7).
  2. Employees and members of your group then take a tag from the tree and buy a new gift for the child or adult on their tag.
  3. Pop the unwrapped gifts under your organisations Giving Tree or collection point.
  4. When your collection is over, drop the gifts to your local regional office or drop-off point.
  5. These gifts are then distributed by SVP to families in need, just in time for Christmas.


  • Each tag lists a person and age group e.g. ‘Girl aged 4-7 years’ or ‘Adult Male’ - a gift should be bought for the person on the tag.
  • The value of each gift we would suggest as a guide is €10.
  • We would ask that all toys/gifts are new – no second hand toys please.
  • You can also give a gift voucher for music/book/sport shops etc. but we do request that the minimum value for vouchers is €10.

Gift Ideas

Age  Ideas
0-6 Simple and durable baby books, learning toys with lots of colours and things to do, toy animals, lego, action figures or dolls, books, art supplies (crayons, markers, colouring books etc.)
*Please don’t include soft toys or small pieces that could be swallowed.
*Please do not include any war figures or guns.
6-12 Popular toys, books, make-and-do kits, art supplies, t-shirts, scarfs and gloves, accessories, music/sports shop vouchers, sports items
Teenager Book/sports/game/music shop vouchers, vouchers for beauty products or hairdressing, beauty sets (make up or aftershave etc.), compilation CD’s, clothes (hats, gloves, scarves, baseball caps), sport themed gifts, cinema ticket vouchers, computer games, accessories (handbags, make-up, purses, scented candles, watches, wallets etc.)
Adults Aftershave, clothes (socks, hats, gloves, scarves, woolly jumpers, slippers etc.), books (sports, current affairs, fiction), electronic gadgets, beauty sets (make up or aftershave etc.), mugs, box of chocolates/ biscuits, photo frames 

For health and safety reasons all gifts must be unwrapped. We cannot accept the following:

  • No Soft Toys
  • No small pieces that can be swallowed for the 0‐3 age group
  • No war figures or guns.

Return your Giving Tree gifts

Gifts should be either placed unwrapped at the designated collection point or returned to your local Regional Office.

In some cases, it can be arranged to have gifts collected. Please contact your local Regional Office in order to arrange the details for drop off/collection.