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SVP calls for a budget that will tackle unemployment and provide opportunities for jobless households.

With one in four children growing up in a household where no-one has a job, the Society of St Vincent de Paul is calling on Government to announce an inclusive budget that will tackle unemployment and ensure opportunities for those living in jobless households.

We need access to good quality employment for all our people that provides an income which protects a household from poverty. We are asking Government to make activation supports and services available to all those who need them, including those who are not on the Live Register and to reverse the cuts to the One Parent Family Payment that are making it much more difficult for those parenting alone to take up employment.

The SVP is seeing more and more people coming to us for help because they cannot make ends meet, even when they have a job. The high cost of housing and childcare are two of the key factors determining whether a household can afford a minimum standard of living while in low paid employment. In rural areas, SVP members report few job opportunities and high transport costs which make it more difficult for people to take up employment, education or training.

We need Government to protect Family Income Supplement, a payment for parents who are in low paid work; and to ensure balanced regional development which will ensure that those in rural Ireland are not left behind in any recovery.

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