SVP Adult and Older People Services
SVP provides a variety of supports services to adults and older people throughout the country. 

These include:

  • Drop-in Centres for Homeless

Drop-in support services for the Homeless offering self-care, food, psychological, social, general, and mental health supports. 

  • Day Care Centres for the elderly

These centres offer a variety of services to the elderly including social activities, health, therapeutic, physical, dietary and self-care supports.

  • Meals on Wheels

Providing food delivery services and meal supports to older people in the community.

  • Assisted Living Residential Centre

Residential unit offering independent living in a supportive environment.

An old lady looking out through the window

Local services

SVP services aim to provide practical, emotional, and social support to adults, older adults and the elderly, to increase their living skills, their coping skills, their mental health and their physical wellbeing.

However, the most important function is the social aspect as many of our members live alone and the support and friendship that they receive from SVP means so much to them.

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