Services we offer

The Society of St Vincent de Paul provide a wide range of services for vulnerable people through our local offices, shops, resource centres, housing, day care and holiday schemes amongst other things.

We have eight regional offices and two area offices located around the country. If you need to make contact, or you are looking for information that you cannot find on the website please feel free to contact your closest office.
Our main area of work is person to person contact with people who need help and assistance. When someone contacts us with a request for help, they can expect to receive a visit from two friendly SVP volunteers who are there to listen and see what help or information we can offer.
The SVP Education and Training Bursary Fund has been established to support students of all ages who may financially struggle to access or stay in third level education and training programmes.
The Society of St Vincent de Paul has over 230 local Vincent's charity shops located in every county around Ireland. Our Vincent’s charity shops are a very important aspect of the service SVP provides. Not only do they provide people with new and lightly worn items at affordable prices, but they also provide an income source for the Society, which is recycled directly back into the community.
The Society of St Vincent De Paul (SVP) provides housing for older people and considers the provision of social housing as one of the key pillars of the work of the overall organisation. The Society has 861 units of social housing delivered and managed by 63 individual volunteer led local housing Conferences across the country.
SVP provide drop-in centres within the prisons to support and assist families who are visiting loved ones.
By supporting children and young people, SVP helps to provide a safe space, where children and young people can play, learn, grow, and develop, can receive support and guidance as well as gaining reassurance that they can enhance their wellbeing, their self-esteem and their confidence in a caring and supportive environment.
SVP run a number of services that focus on the personal, educational and social development of the individual. Our Resource Centre’s provide a safe, welcoming place for people to learn and grow, to develop new skills, to meet others and make new friends and to have a positive impact in people's lives.
SVP provides a variety of supports services to adults and older people throughout the country. These include the following; ❖ Drop-in Centres for Homeless ❖ Day Care Centres for the elderly ❖ Meals on Wheels ❖ Assisted Living Residential Centre
SVP run a number of holiday centres to provide holiday breaks for individuals and families in various locations in Ireland. All of the holiday centres provide a safe and welcoming environment, away from the stresses and strains of everyday life.
Whether you are at school, a third-level college, or are looking to get involved in your community; the SVP Youth Development Programme offers a wide range of opportunities to engage in positive social action in your local area.
Twinning is a direct link between Councils and Conferences in different countries. Through Twinning Vincentians share resources, experiences, and mutual friendship.

Our impact

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