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The National Office, Special Works Managers and Shared Services work in partnership with the National Management Council to further the mission vision and goals of the SVP. Another goal is to add value to the volunteer membership through the resources and expertise of paid staff.

In collaboration with National and Regional structures, the National Office:

  1. Coordinates the implementation of internal processes and procedures on behalf of the SVP organisation as a whole. This can include finance, annual reporting, Human resource policy and procedures, IT systems, service development, fundraising, communications and social justice and policy
  2. Manages the National Office Staff in the delivery of those aspects of the processes and procedures for which National Office has responsibility.
  3. Facilitates organisational development and capability building, including
    • policy development
    • new service development
    • design, development and roll out of new systems and processes, e.g. IT based systems such as client case-management, membership and finance systems
    • volunteer leader training and management support; staff development
    • practice and resource development;
    • organisational development process design;
    • research and strategy development support for line management
    • research on social issues, analysis of information produced by regions, Conferences and members and development of policy positions on same
    • mobilisation and engagement of members around specific social justice issues
  4. Provides support to and coordination of certain activities at Regional Office level.
  5. Promotes stakeholder engagement and relationship building external to SVP. These relationships can include policy makers, key opinion formers and the donor public (Christmas Appeals, pre-budget submissions and specific campaigns).
  6. Contributes to risk management, regulation and compliance, including provision of advice and information on current regulations and requirements and current best practice; monitoring and auditing in relation to these standards; providing support for resolving serious incidents and trouble shooting.

View our National Office and Shared Services Organisation Chart

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