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Our Mission

Guided by the ethos of the Society of St Vincent de Paul and within the volunteer-led structure to ensure effective housing operations through good governance, high standards of performance and financial sustainability.

Our Vision

Providing Homes for people most in need in our communities.

About SVP Housing

The Society provides housing for older people and considers the provision of social housing one of the key pillars of the work of the organisation.

SVP is classified as a Tier 3 Approved Housing Body. It has 861 units of social housing. These are delivered and managed by 63 individual volunteer-led local housing Conferences across the country.

Creating Communities

We work to strengthen SVP housing provision with additional delivery through construction and acquisition. We believe in the importance and value of working in partnership with many stakeholders to deliver and manage our homes.

Our tenants are at the heart of the work of St Vincent De Paul housing. The Society prides itself in the added value that is brought through our volunteers in the support of our tenants.

SVP Social Housing
SVP Social Housing
Our Housing - Delivery through our Volunteer Structure

The development of social housing by the Society was initiated in the early 1980’s. Local individual Conference volunteer members identifed an unfulfilled community housing need. These members worked with the support of local authorities to acquire and develop new build social housing units.

The commitment and dedication of the Society’s volunteers locally over the past 40 years has resulted in the provision of homes to approximately 918 tenants nationally in 2022.

How to get a St Vincent De Paul Home

SVP take nominations from the Local Authority in which our properties are located. Please register to be on the Housing List with the housing department at your Local Authority. When applying for housing state your interest in a SVP Property. If the Local Authority nominates you to a St Vincent De Paul property, these are the next steps:

  • SVP will send you an Application Form
  • You will be invited for interview
  • We decide which applicants will receive an offer of housing and agree this with the Local Authority.
Values for Social Housing
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