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Our Mission

Embarking on a mission inspired by the vibrant spirit of the Society of St Vincent de Paul, we're committed to offering secure and inclusive housing, through a dynamic volunteer-led structure.

Volunteering in Social Housing

Are you interested in volunteering with the Society of St Vincent De Paul Social Housing?

We are looking for volunteers with skills and experience in the areas of architecture, engineering, surveying, health & safety, social work /social care, business, legal and IT.

To find out how you can make a real difference in your community, reach out to your local regional contact.



Find out about Social Housing in your area

If interested in getting involved in social housing, applicant makes contact with the Regional Contact for Social Housing as outlined on the SVP website /Social Housing web page who will provide an overview of social housing relevant to the applicants location. The Regional Contact for Social Housing makes contact with a relevant Social Housing Conference and will email you a copy of the Volunteer Application Form.


Complete Application Form

Applicants must complete the application form and email/post to SVP Membership Support Officer in the relevant SVP Regional Office.


Complete Vetting

The Membership Support Officer arranges for Garda Vetting and reference checks of the applicant.


Complete Online Induction

Once an applicant’s vetting and reference checks are completed, the applicant must complete a number of Training modules including general SVP induction and social housing specific induction.
The Membership Support Officer arranges(through the Membership Support Team) for a link to be emailed to the Applicant in order for the applicant to complete four mandatory online modules including History of SVP, Poverty, Structure of SVP and Safeguarding. The applicant must complete the four modules within 30 days and it takes approximately 2 hours. They do not have to do it in one sitting.


Complete Social Housing Induction

The Membership Support Officer makes contact with the Regional Contact for Social Housing to make them aware when the applicant has completed the four general SVP online training modules. The Regional Contact for Social Housing will be in touch with the applicant to arrange Social Housing Induction. The induction will provide insight into the operating context/day to day management of social housing and provide an overview of work areas within the Social Housing Conference.


Join SVP Conference (and probation)

Once the Training is complete, the applicant is formally placed with a Conference. The Conference President should liaise to confirm the start date.

Our Vision

Picture a world where homes are a sanctuary for those who need it most in our communities. That's the vision driving us—to provide homes for people in their times of greatest need.

About SVP Housing

At the heart of our organization is a deep commitment to housing solutions, especially for older individuals. Social housing is more than a service for us; it's a cornerstone of our mission.

Recognized as a Tier 3 Approved Housing Body, we manage a remarkable 861 units of social housing. This extensive network is made possible by the dedication of 63 local housing Conferences, each driven by passionate volunteers.

Creating Communities

"They call this a community I like to think of it as home" - The Pet Shop Boys. 

We don't just provide homes; we build vibrant communities. Our approach involves strengthening SVP housing through construction and strategic acquisitions. We firmly believe in the power of collaboration, working hand in hand with various stakeholders to create and manage homes.

At the core of our efforts are our tenants, the heartbeat of St Vincent De Paul housing. We take pride in the invaluable support our volunteers bring, adding a unique and meaningful touch to the lives of those we serve.

SVP Social Housing
SVP Social Housing
Our Housing - Delivery through our Volunteer Structure

The development of social housing by the Society was initiated in the early 1980’s, sparked by passionate individuals within the local Conference volunteer network.

Recognising a pressing need for community housing, these volunteers collaborated with local authorities to bring to life new, socially conscious housing units.

For four decades, the unwavering commitment and tireless dedication of the Society's volunteers have translated into the creation of homes for approximately 918 tenants across the nation by the year 2022.

How to get a St Vincent De Paul Home

SVP take nominations from the Local Authority in which our properties are located.

Please register to be on the Housing List with the housing department at your Local Authority. When applying for housing state your interest in a SVP Property.

If the Local Authority nominates you to a St Vincent De Paul property, these are the next steps:

  • SVP will send you an Application Form
  • You will be invited for interview
  • We decide which applicants will receive an offer of housing and agree this with the Local Authority.
Values for Social Housing
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