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Twinning from the Mid West to West Africa

SVP Mid West Region is twinned with SIERRA LEONE.

Together they have formed a close spiritual connection offering friendship and support to one another.

The projects operated by the SVP Mid West Region  Twinning in Sierra Leone have the primary goal of alleviating poverty and aiding people to become self- sufficient.


SVP Twinning Mid West Region Brochure

The Pass Project

SVP Twinning Mid West Region Pass ProgrammeI

n 2000, the Paupers Alive Survival Support (PASS) Project launched in St. Martin’s Parish, Freetown. By 2008, with support from SVP Twinning in the Mid West Region, the project acquired and began farming 15 acres of land in Sierra Leone.

The project primarily grows rice and cassava, the local staple foods. The produce and funds generated from these activities help over 100 families in the St. Martin’s community. People receive support in the form of food and non-food items, educational assistance, and access to health and medical care.

Recent Developments

Recently Twinning assisted Council members protect the land by erecting a fence to prevent trespassers and land grabbers from encroaching onto the land.

In addition there is emergency accommodation on the farm which allows the local SVP to help families who would otherwise find themselves homeless.


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For further information:
Twinning Officer
MidWest Region
Society of St Vincent de Paul
Ozanam House, Hartstonge Street, Limerick
Tel:061 317 327 Fax:061 310 320

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