Terms & Conditions
The Promoter (SVP-South West Region) under licence Case No: D:LIC:CORKD:2023:004266 granted by Cork
District Court on 21 st July 2023, a charity/company limited by guarantee under the Irish laws of Ireland with
registered charity No CHY 6892, having its Regional Office at Ozanam House, 2 Tuckey Street, Cork, and Sub
Office at Unit 2, Monavalley, Tralee, Co. Kerry.
The first prize is a brand-new Ford Focus donated by the TOMAR TRUST, Cork. The first prize is exclusive of
Insurance & Road Tax. The prize is not redeemable for cash.
They are 6 other prizes (cash prizes) to be won.
Neither the promoter nor any of the other sponsors accept any responsibility to the winner/winners for any
dissatisfaction with the prize/s.
Entry to the draw is by means of a raffle ticket specially designed by SVP and can be purchased through the
brochure door drop, ticket stands in shops/shopping centres’ or online at www.svp.ie/cardraw23
Online you will be asked to register before you purchase your ticket.
At the point of purchase of the raffle ticket, purchasers will be asked to provide their first and last
name, e-mail address, phone number.
All tickets purchased online will be written up physically and placed in the draw drum with all other
tickets purchased through the door drop or sold at our car draw stands.
Tickets bought through the door drop can be sent back in the pre-paid envelope – you may use a stamp to
reduce our costs.
Please provide a name, address, and telephone number on the return stub/s.
Failure to provide any of this information or accurate contact details at point of purchase may result in the
inability of SVP South West to contact the winner.
SVP- South West Region accepts no responsibility or liability to the winner/s for any failure on the part of the
winner to provide full and accurate contact details.
Raffle draw tickets are priced at €5 per ticket or 5 tickets for €20. By purchasing a ticket, entrants agree to be
bound by these terms and conditions and to take part in any publicity relating to the Car Draw Raffle, if invited
by SVP South West.
The Raffle is open to anyone over 18 years of age.
The winning tickets of the prizes will be drawn by the Lord Mayor of Cork, Representative of the TOMAR
TRUST, and the South West Regional President.
The lucky winner will be contacted by the Lord Mayor of Cork after all prizes are drawn and all other winners
will be contacted by the Regional Co-ordinator and Regional Fundraising Officer after the event.
If the writing on the ticket that is first drawn from the drum is illegible, this ticket will be discarded and a new
ticket will be drawn. This will be repeated, as necessary.
The foregoing will be witnessed by two witnesses present during the draw.

The decision of the Promoter (SVP South West Region) as to the winner and validity of the entry is final and
no correspondence with third parties will be entered into.
SVP will endeavour to contact all winners using the contact details provided on the ticket stub.
Ticket sales will close on Friday 12th January 2024 at 12 noon.
The draw will take place on Wednesday 17th January 2024.
The Promotor has the right to temporarily postpone the draw, if necessary, with no liability to any entrant or
any third party.
The Promoter’s total liability in contract, tort (e.g., Negligence) or otherwise arising out of / in connection with
these terms and conditions or arising out of / in connection with / in relation to any non-contractual
arrangement, shall be limited to the amount actually paid or payable by the entrant for the raffle ticket.
Entrants agree to give consent that if they win, The Society of St Vincent South West, known as the Promotor
will have the right to use the name of the winner, town/county for the purposes of announcing the winner of
the Raffle and for a photoshoot of the presentation of the car, which will be used on social media/print media.
An advert will appear on a national newspaper on the Saturday post raffle, listing the winners. It will also be
available on the SVP website www.svp.ie
The Terms and Conditions herein are governed by Irish law and the Promoters (SVP – SouthWest Region) and
the entrants to the draw submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Irish Courts.

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