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Back-to-school appeal for local families

Robbie lies in the dark, his head in his hands. A father's hands. He longs for sleep, but he can't escape his thoughts. Because it's that time of year. Because the headline he read today turned his stomach to knots.

"Average Back-to-School Secondary Costs Hit €1,401 Per Child."

Someone told Robbie about SVP – and the help available because of generous donors like you – but he hates to ask. "It's my job to provide for my kids," he always says. He doesn't want to be a burden to anyone. But one day the worry, the insomnia, the knot in his stomach – it all becomes too much. One day he picks up the phone…

Will you answer Robbie’s call this autumn?

A small donation today of whatever you can afford, could be just what a family like Robbie's needs at this tough time of year. Parents know that if they can at least educate their kids, they will have a better future. And you know as well as we do, that education is the best way to end poverty passing from generation to generation.

This year, our call centres around the country have received a dramatic increase in calls from parents who need help with back-to-school. In August alone, a record number of over 5,000 families contacted us. With reduced Government funding, schools have been forced to introduce new fees and increase their so-called "voluntary contributions". Families on low incomes just can't cope.

Please consider a gift today and help ensure children receive the back-to-school support they need. Thank you.

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