Frequently Asked Questions

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What separates SVP from most others who aid the less-fortunate, is the way in which our volunteers conduct this work. Following our lead from our Mission Statement we assist people in their homes and enable them to find their own solutions to their problems, through support and friendship.

Volunteer members, in a spirit of justice and charity and by person-to-person involvement, help all those in need regardless of colour, creed, race, age or gender.

If you need help click on the map for your local area and contact details.

We obtain funds through our monthly Churchgate collections, bequests, gift aid, Flag Days, donations from businesses and thrift shops.

Yes – contact your local office for details.

St Vincent de Paul is actually the patron of the Society. The Society was founded by its principal founder Blessed Frederic Ozanam, a twenty-year-old university student in France in 1833 and five others. Frederic Ozanam was inspired by St Vincent's legacy and decided to name the Society after the famous French saint of the poor.