The impact of the work of SVP Ireland is felt in all four corners of this island. We provide support, assistance, advice and friendship to anyone who needs it.  With your generous support we continue to tackle the causes of poverty every day. We are there to support families and individuals across the island of Ireland and assist them in a variety of ways.

Our impact is far reaching, and would not be possible without the help of our supporters, donors, staff and volunteers.

We can help with every costs such as food, light and heating. We also support families who may need help to cover education costs.

As well as our direct impact, we also provide social housing, child and family services and campaign for a minimum essential standard of living.

We also aim to impact Ireland's young people. Our Young SVP team works with schools and colleges across the island to teach young people about the work of SVP.

In 2023, SVP Ireland received a record number of calls. 250,000 people reached out for help.

Find out how you can help SVP continue to support people in need across Ireland, and help make a positive impact on those in your community.

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