Structure, Finance and Governance

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul is a voluntary led organisation and its membership is spread throughout the country in over 1,201 Conferences (the basic operating unit of the Society).

The Society nationally elects a National President for a 3 year term with a possible extension of a further 2 years by a further election. Similar election rules apply for the 8 Regional Presidents, 116 Area Presidents and 1,201 Conference Presidents situated throughout Ireland both North & South.

The Society is structured and organised according to the 'Rule' which sets out the purposes and objects of the Society. The 'Rule' reflects the basic philosophy of the Society and complies with the international governance 'Rule' of the International Society of St Vincent de Paul based in Paris, France.

SVP structure

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Our Structure

The National Management Council

The National Management Council (NMC) is the directive, co-ordinating and management body of the Society in Ireland and sets the policy of the Society, consistent with the Mission and Values Statement. It is also responsible for the overall direction, control and management of the activities of the Society at national, regional, area and local level and in respect of the Society’s special works, implementing its policy consistent with the Mission and Values Statement.

The membership of the NMC, consists of the National President, the 8 Regional Presidents, 2 appointees of the National President and the Spiritual Advisor. The National Management Council members are also the Trustees of the Society. The NMC normally meets once a month. 

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We also have a number of sub-committees supporting the NMC

  • Finance Committee
  • Audit Committee
  • Social Housing, Homeless & Specialist Services Committee
  • Fundraising Committee
  • IT Steering Committee
  • Safeguarding Committee
  • Retail Committee
  • Social Justice & Visitation Committee
  • Young SVP Committee
  • Twinning Committee
The National Council
The National Co-ordinating Committee
National Office/Shared Services Structure
SVP Internal Audit

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The membership of the National Management Council are also the trustees of the Society. The Council normally meets once in every six weeks.

List of Trustees


SVP is committed to creating a safe, healthy & inclusive environment for all, particularly, the children & vulnerable adults whom we assist. 


Financial Statements

We pride ourselves on being open & transparent. Our detailed audited Annual Accounts  & Financial Summaries for the last 8 years can be viewed below.

Financial Statements