Thank you for joining SVP’s Heart of Your Community Family 

Businesses like yours play a big part in the local community. Joining the SVP Heart of Your Community family means you will be there for struggling families this winter in your locality.

Whether your gift puts a turkey on the table... fills up a long-empty oil tank… or puts a few little presents in a child’s otherwise empty stocking… the families that SVP help will never forget your kindness. Believe me.

You will have received a Heart of Your Community decal to display in your window to show your community your support of your local SVP.

If you’d like more, please email

Below there are links to download materials to show your support, including thank you posters and email footers.  

How to download SVP media files: 

  1. Click below on the link on below to download according to your region 
  2. A dropbox page will open in a new window 
  3. On the top left of the page, click on the download button 

Download SVP Media : 

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