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Who we help

Who We Help

Whoever you are, we're here for you. SVP Ireland is committed to helping anyone who asks for it. Regardless of your location, age, race or gender, the Society of St Vincent de Paul are just a call away. 

SVP offers you a wide range of supports, including practical help and advice, as well as a friendly, confidential ear. We can also connect you with other organisations that might be able to assist you.

You can directly request help through our website by using the online form, or by contacting any of our 8 regional offices located throughout the country.

Perhaps you need help with a household bill. Maybe back to school costs are biting. Perhaps it's food, light or heat. We at SVP are there for everyone. Asking for help can be off-putting, but we assure you complete discretion.

SVP is Ireland's largest charity organisation, and for 180 years has been right there on the ground providing help. 

We live by the motto of our founder, Blessed Frédéric Ozanam, "In my life I want to be better and do a little good."

SVP Ireland Making a difference

What to expect

Getting help from SVP is a simple process.


Take the first step

Please be assured that we will treat whatever you say with dignity and respect, and everything you say is confidential. We are here to help you in whatever way we can. Our members are there to listen and offer support to you at a time of difficulty. When they have a better understanding of the issues faced, they will consider how best we may be able to help.


SVP will get in touch

When someone contacts us and we have a record of their details, and the information is passed onto your local branch of SVP. A volunteer will make contact with you through a private number and you can discuss your particular problems in depth with a friendly person who makes no judgement on the situation.


A helping hand

  • Friendship and Support
  • Help with money issues
  • Information about other services you can use
  • Advocating for you when talking to other organisations that can help
  • Negotiating with organisations you may owe money to

How to get help from SVP

Fill out our request help form anytime, day or night and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.
Estimated response time: 10 days
Request help form


  • Free
  • Ready when you are
  • Time to compose your thougths and complete the for in you own time

Maybe not if...

  • You need urgent support
  • A person to person discussion is your preference
  • Slower response times

Get in touch by phone, and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.
Estimated response time: 10 days
Request help form


  • Free
  • Chat directly to a person
  • Get advice in an instant

Maybe not if...

  • You need to follow several steps
  • You're requesting help out of hours
  • You find it hard to talk about an issue
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