How we can help

happy women touching headsWe believe that everyone should have the means to live life with dignity.

Our main area of work is person to person contact with people who need help and assistance. Our members come from all walks of life and understand the many challenges life can bring.

When someone contacts us you will receive a visit from two SVP volunteers, usually within ten days from the time the request for help is received. During the visit, you can discuss your particular problems in depth with friendly people who make no judgement on the situation. 

Our members are there to listen and offer support at a time of difficulty. When they have a better understanding of the issues faced, they will consider how best we may be able to help.

“Without your help none of this would have been possible. It would have ended any hope that I might achieve a formal qualification, and have left my family in a hugely terrible situation.”

We may be able to give some help towards the cost of essential household items, such as food, clothing, heating or other household bills either once off or for a short period of time. We could help towards the costs of education. We can offer information or advice on other services or entitlements which can provide on-going or longer term assistance.

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