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If you are looking for assistance or you just need someone to talk to in confidence then please fill out the form below. Due to the time of year and the information on your request for help this Christmas, your details will be forwarded to your local SVP volunteers. Given this, there is no need to phone into the office to confirm that your request has been received and processed. The final decision on all requests for Christmas help will be with the local SVP volunteers.  

“I cannot express in words how much my whole family and I appreciate the help that you have given. I look forward to the day when we can begin to make returns. In plain language, you have saved us.”


What to Expect

When someone contacts us and we have a record of their details, they will receive a visit from two SVP volunteers. During the visit, people can discuss their particular problems in depth with friendly people who make no judgement on the situation.
Our members are there to listen and offer support at a time of difficulty. When they have a better understanding of the issues faced, they will consider how best we may be able to help.

Your local SVP Conference may offer one or more of the following types of help:

  • Friendship and Support
  • Help with money issues
  • Information about other services you can use
  • Advocating for you when talking to other organisations that can help
  • Negotiating with organisations you may owe money to
We hope we can help you as much as possible and don't be afraid of contacting us.

Please be reassured that your personal information is held in strict confidence and is used only for the purpose of providing a suitable service to you. Your information will not be passed on to any third party without your express permission. The Society is committed to being compliant with all Data Protection Laws and respecting the information of people we assist. For further information on how we process your data in a responsible and confidential manner please see our Privacy Statement.

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