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A Beautiful Letter

Often the most powerful words are those shared by someone who has been helped. Words that are straight from the heart. That is definitely the case with this beautiful letter received at one of our Conferences.

Amy was just another victim of the economic collapse. She and her husband, Paul, thought they were set for life. He had a job; they had a mortgage and three healthy children.

Then, like so many other families, it all came tumbling down. Paul's wages were reduced. There were unexpected medical and counselling expenses. The mortgage went into arrears. But their most pressing worry was for their children, one of whom was approaching college age.

Their only hope was the local Conference of SVP. Volunteers visited the family and helped them get back on their feet. Thanks to generous support such as yours, they put food on the table, heated the home and helped the children with education costs.

Amy's family is through the worst of it now. Their eldest daughter is in college and the rest are doing well in school. They're getting on top of their mortgage payments.

That's when she decided to pen this letter and send it in with a box of biscuits for Christmas.

Read an excerpt from it here, because the thanks belongs as much to you as it does to the rest of us here at SVP.

Please consider a gift today and help ensure people like Amy and her family receive the support they need. Thank you.

Based on a true story and a real letter from a family helped by SVP. Names and some details have been changed for confidentiality.

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