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A new life began with a hug

Mary emigrated some years ago with her ex-partner. They had two children, but she became subject to domestic violence and eventually left the relationship. She moved back to Ireland with her two children, a few bags of clothes and £1.60 in her pocket. Mary enrolled her children in school and explained her situation to the head teacher who directed her to us. Two SVP volunteers visited Mary and she says that she will never forget the two women giving her a hug as they walked in. Our volunteers set the children up with schoolbooks and uniforms.

When Mary was granted a new council house the following year, we helped with furniture and made sure Santa was generous to her two children. Our volunteers helped Mary take part in
an inter-personal skills course which enabled her to speak publicly about her experience of domestic violence. She says this was the biggest turning point in her life. Mary now works in a coffee shop and says she has been transformed from a nervous wreck into the assertive, thriving person she is today.

Please consider a gift today and help ensure people like Mary and her family receive the support they need. Thank you.

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