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A Thousand Thank You's from the Frontline...

From Malin to Mizen, your kindness fills heavy hearts with hope. Thank you for being a vital part of our SVP family.

When you give to SVP, you set your compassion into motion. And it's our faithful local volunteers who make sure your generosity finds its way to your neighbours in need. Day after day, they see the incredible power of your kindness. They see how your compassion helps people at their very lowest, struggling even to put food on the table, keep the lights on for another day. And they're forever grateful for the good you do...

An open door, a hot meal, and the comfort and companionship…

...from Donegal all the way down to Kerry, your kindness is serving up hot meals and fighting loneliness at SVP Daycare Centres for older people. Noelle and Teresa are ever grateful for your caring heart that keeps the kettle warm and the lights on at Newbridge Daycare Centre in Kildare — Thank you!

"My life only started in SVP's Croí na Gaillimhe"

"I'd been in Ireland for 3 years, but my life only started in SVP's Croí na Gaillimhe resource centre... I attended English classes and volunteered at the older person's social club. It was like having family again. I'll never forget the kindness SVP supporters showed me. I joined SVP in 2013 and I'm part of the Conference that runs this special place. What it provides for the community is invaluable, I just can't put it into words. Thank you to everyone who makes this work possible!" — Joyce, SVP volunteer at Croí na Gaillimhe, Galway

Helping children reach for their dreams

"Thank you for helping children reach for their dreams", writes Lorraine from SVP's Ozanam House Resource Centre. She helps teach little ones in Dublin at SVP's after school clubs for low-income families. And she's grateful for the opportunity you give children from disadvantaged backgrounds to thrive… thank you!

Preparing 300 bags of food

"At the food bank, we prepare up to 300 bags of food each week... In each one there would be pasta, pasta sauce, tinned peas, fruit, and beans, Cuppa Soup, tomatoes, sweetcorn, tuna, jam, sugar, and cornflakes. Sometimes we get bags of potatoes. Throughout winter some people would walk a few kilometres in the cold to get a bag and walk back with it. You know they really need it.” — Patricia, SVP volunteer at a Dublin Food Bank

The kindness of SVP supporters stretches back more than 178 years. Today, you keep that spirit of generosity alive… go raibh maith agat.

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