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Healing Hearts at the Hospital

Every Thursday evening, SVP volunteers make their way to the National Rehabilitation Hospital. Armed with magazines, treats, a listening ear, and a bottle of MiWadi or two, this is how your kindness brings comfort and company to people in their most vulnerable moments. Thank you!

“The rooms are great. They each have their own bathroom,” says Michele. “The only thing is, people can feel a little more isolated than on a ward. You don’t get the chit-chat between patients or just encouraging each other when they’re in private rooms.”

And that’s why she and a group of her fellow SVP volunteers check in on patients at the National Rehabilitation Hospital once a week to have a chat and bring them anything they might need.

“There’s this lovely fella, I’ll call him Ted… When we met him he couldn't walk or talk. Now, you can't get out of the room he's chatting so much. He's really delighted to have the interaction with somebody from outside. It means a lot to people to have us there…”


Your Love Heals

Many of the patients Michele visits are recovering from devastating, life-changing accidents and illnesses. Some don’t have any family or outside support.

But for kindness like yours, many people wouldn’t get any visitors at all.

Be Back Soon…

“When we’re leaving, we ask every patient — is there anything you need?” says Michele. "It could be as simple as a bottle of MiWadi to colour their water, that they otherwise wouldn’t have. Little things make a big difference when you’re alone in hospital.”

“We take in books and magazines... we've one guy there at the moment, and he couldn't get the Star newspaper every Thursday to do the crossword. So now one of us brings the Star to him each week because he can't get it otherwise.”

Your time, your donations, your caring heart… for every way you support SVP, we thank you.

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