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Help, Hope and Hurling…

When you’re a lone parent, finances can be tight at the best of times. But when Tommy’s tyres gave out, it felt like the straw to break the camel's back. That’s when he turned to SVP. Your kindness did the rest...

 A single father of three, since his marriage breakdown, Tommy has struggled to pay the mortgage, keep the house warm and feed the kids on his modest single wage.

But it was only when he found out his car tyres were unsafe and needed replacing that he turned to SVP.

Denis is an SVP volunteer and he remembers meeting Tommy for the first time. "He's in a situation where he was borrowing from Paul to pay Peter. So many lone parents are struggling right now”.

In rural areas, not having a car is simply not an option. But that wasn’t all of it...

You see, Tommy’s boys are mad about hurling. Without the car, they'd miss their favourite summer activity. He didn’t want to let them down.

But thanks to your generosity, our volunteers helped Tommy back on the road, and even brought food vouchers to help lighten his load.

"Your help has really kept him going,” says Denis. "He’s so appreciative."

For giving, for caring, and for every kindness your generosity makes real… Thank you!

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