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Her First Concern Was Not For Herself…

“It was a bitterly cold day. When I said I was calling from SVP, you could hear the crack in her voice at the end of the line. Her name was Bridie. I got her talking, and it came to light that she’d no oil in the tank, no coal for the fire. She had these two little dogs… she was upset because they were cold, and she had no food for them that evening. She was cold herself and had no food either, but it was her dogs she was worried about.

I assured her we’d get her oil tank filled the next day and a few bags of coal and food vouchers to keep her going. Well, there was never anybody so appreciative as Bridie was… She actually broke down crying at the end of the call because it was such a burden you’d lifted off her shoulders.”

— Ben, SVP volunteer, Wexford

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