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I was sleeping on a chair in the hospital

Homeless. Suffering from kidney failure. And with no one in his life he could turn to. When we say that your generosity changes lives, it's no exaggeration. Just ask Jim…

The lonely path to homelessness always starts somewhere. For Jim, it began when declining health meant he struggled to keep work as a painter and decorator. “Ihave severe kidney failure,” explains Jim. “It was that bad. I was sleeping on a chair in the local hospital waiting room.”

Jim would leave early each morning before anyone noticed him. He didn’t want anyone to know he was homeless. His luck only changed when he was put in touch with an SVP volunteer. That’s when your kindness found Jim and changed everything…

SVP's housing units

You may not know this, but your support helps SVP manage almost 1,000 social housing units across Ireland. They’re usually reserved for older people so they can live independently with the help of local SVP volunteers.

But in exceptional cases like Jim’s, your good heart steps in. Without your compassion and concern, Jim could be sleeping on that chair still.

While Jim's health is still fragile, he’s grateful to you for his new home. He's so proud of the little apartment your kindness has given him. He spent most of lockdown doing up the place using his skills as a painter and decorator. “I’m happy here," says Jim with a smile. "I have the key to my front door, and SVP have never been judgemental in any way.”

A Call for Caring Hearts

If you’ve ever considered becoming an SVP volunteer, we want to hear from you. We're in special need of volunteers with experience in architecture, engineering, surveying, health & safety, or social care. To find out more about becoming an SVP volunteer, please click here. click here.

For every way you support SVP, you are cherished. Thank you.

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