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"If I didn't have this wee shop, I wouldn't cope..."

Your kind donations keep your local Vincent’s stocked with quality items, and that’s blessing enough for families struggling to cope with rising costs right now. But your kindness is at the heart of your local Vincent’s even more than you know...

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Ask any of our dedicated shop volunteers, and they'll tell you the same — Vincent’s isn’t ‘just a shop’. For so many people, it’s the heart of the community.

“Jackie visits the shop every day,” says Clare, a manager at Vincent’s in Belfast. “She was in a few days ago and told me, ‘If it didn’t have this wee shop, I wouldn’t cope. I’d go bananas. It's my lifeline, this place.”

Dermot, who oversees Vincent’s shops nationwide, says that there are people like Jackie at every Vincent’s in Ireland.

“There are lots of people who might not speak to another person all day if they didn’t come into the shop” says Dermot.

More than a shop

It goes right to the heart of what Vincent’s is about. As well as serving people with low-cost, quality goods they otherwise couldn’t afford, it’s about looking after your neighbours.

Clare says, “We have a duty to take care of people like Jackie. We're more than just a shop for so many.”

Vincent's Wish List

Could you help your local Vincent's and your neighbours with any of these essentials this Autumn?

- Good quality, clean clothes and shoes — all sizes
- Warm winter coats
- Gloves, scarves, accessories
- Children’s toys, books, crayons & school supplies
- Books
- Homewares (kitchenware, ornaments, pictures)
- Soft furnishings (rugs, bed linen, curtains)

Please visit your local SVP store to donate your items — Thank you!

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