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Thank You for Warming Homes (and Hearts!)

The generosity you showed this year for people struggling with soaring energy bills is helping families across Ireland hold on. Here’s what your kindness means to parents like Anna…

It was at Vincent's in Armagh that SVP volunteer Brendan first met Anna and her wee daughter. They were looking for warm coats.

“A wee girl came up to the counter with her mother, carrying a pink unicorn coat.”

But when Anna asked Brendan if she could 'borrow' the coats, he took her aside and asked if SVP could help her with anything else. That’s when Anna burst into tears...

“The family had no heating in the house. I said to take the coats, and we’ll come round to see how we can help. I remember there was sheets over the windows to try and keep the heat in.”

Thanks to your kindness, Brendan had the meter topped up, and arranged for the family to come to the shop and pick out anything they needed. "Anna was so relieved,” says Brendan. “The wee girl was running around so excited to have heat in the house.”

The energy crisis has added to the already heavy load carried by families like this one.

Thank you for helping families hold on. Your kindness means more than you know.

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